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Sonja Kristina: "There will be a new live Curved Air album." By James Nuttall ©

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Space is curved, as is time and air- Sonja Kristina reveals plans for the first live Curved Air album in 37 years.

Sonja Kristina, the siren of prog in the early 1970s is still captivating audiences with her latest line-up of Curved Air. Before their final show on the UK tour she spoke of their plans to release a new live album, and even do a new album after that.

Chris Harris & Kit Morgan, the current Curved Air
“We’re going to be doing another live Curved Air album, which Marvin (Ayres) will be producing and once that’s underway we need to slot in some time to tour. Ayres is Kristina’s partner in her side-project duo ‘MASK’ formed in the 90s. He has also worked along side members of Simply Red, Culture Club and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. “The recordings were done last year at gigs but Marvin’s busy with lots of other things and he’s been making the best out of what we’ve got recorded."
Robert Norton & Paul Sax, the current Curved Air
She went onto say “We’re working on new stuff, also. They all have strong ideas so a new Curved Air album will be coming, which hopefully Marvin will be producing as well.”

So when can we expect to see an album of new material? “It’s mainly down for me to write some words that I believe in, and I’m not that prolific a writer so it tends to
come in batches. With Curved Air in the early days they had ideas for songs and I carried on writing (lyrics for) them.”

  The new band is comprised of: Sonja, the only constant throughout the bands 41 year history; Florian Pilkington Miksa, the original drummer who rejoined the band in 2008 after playing in Kiki Dee's band; and newer members: Chris Harris on bass; Paul Sax on violin; Robert Norton on keyboards and Kit Morgan on guitar. They have all played with Kristina for some project or another, including her Acid Folk band. "The live album will represent the talents of these players." comments Sonja. 

Curved Air is not the only outlet for Kristina’s talents. MASK is also planning to release another album. “We’ve got plans to go to Marrakech to record the next album; you know, there are a lot of wicked musicians out there… it will be good to draw some other colours into Jack and Virginias journey” (The project is based on two characters with a very fiery relationship.)

Florian Pilkington-Miska, Curved Air's original drummer 
With such a long and diverse career, and a marriage to Police drummer Stewart Copeland (who was a member of the band in 1975), more recently performing at the Isle of Wight festival in 2008 and High Voltage this summer, there must be many highlights so far. “The Roundhouse has always been great to play. I used to go there when I was a student and I remember seeing the Doors and Jefferson Airplane, and then it became a very important venue for early Curved Air as the audience grew. Also, meeting with Stewart, when Curved Air disintegrated- it was really stunning being in thick of the rise and rise of the Police.”

70's Prog Siren, Sonja Kristina 
There will be little rest following the end of the recent tour. “There’s a possibility I’ll be doing a benefit in December with my Acid Folk band for one of the leaders of the White Panthers. But otherwise we’re releasing the live album, and then we’re going to Europe and writing the next album.”

Curved Air will soon be announcing European tour dates, and there are plans to come back to the UK next year.

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Thanks to Curved Air and the Hebden Bridge Trades Club, where I did the interview for their hospitality and help.

All photographs copyright James Nuttall 2011 ©

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